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而萨福克郡地方检察官’办公室将不会解决牙医是否确实是“doctor”(我不想被指控是一种防蛀药), DA Thomas J.Spota’s Herculoids (a little homage to Hana Barbara, folks), will soon be addressing whether a dentist can be criminally reckless if he or she performs procedures on a patient while 酣。 According to reports, police arrested 罗伯特·加里利克林登赫斯特(Lindenhurst)的牙医,被指控犯有第二种鲁Re危险(纽约刑法120.20)。

An “A”轻罪,第二学位鲁Degree危险,可判处一年徒刑。如果您鲁ck地从事可能给他人造成严重人身伤害的行为,则您将负有NY PL 120.20的罪行。要明确的是,如果您的行为不够“may” or can “possibly”会造成任何类型的伤害,但会造成严重的人身伤害风险,法律上将其列为严重伤害。

尽管还不为人所知,但媒体上的那些人喜欢扔掉可能有助于耸人听闻的案件的术语,而只是弄得一团糟。据称Garelick是“drunk” 和 “intoxicated.”例如,这是否意味着如果驾驶机动车辆,就将其视为醉人法律上的行为?在那种情况下,是否进行了化学测试,确定BAC为0.08或更高?或者,是否“drunk” or “intoxicated”只是表明他呼吸时闻到酒精的气味并喝了一两杯?如果是这种主观确定没有证据支持(在设施中是否入院或发现酒精?),Garelick’与其说是犯罪,不如说是民事过失。

Even assuming Garelick was 酣, there is another issue that is critical in determining (establishing beyond a reasonable doubt) whether Garelick is guilty of Second Degree 鲁ck危险. As of the drafting of this blog entry, it is not clear what procedure the dentist was performing. Was this a routine cleaning? On the opposite side of the spectrum, was Garelick performing a root canal or removing teeth? If the latter procedures, what tools was he using at the time 和 could those tools not just cause a physical injury such as a lacerated gum, but cause a serious physical injury that could result in long term protracted health or disfigurement?

让’s be clear. I don’t want a dentist that is even slightly 酣 or impaired when he or she is performing any procedure. Having said that, what 可能 be malpractice 可能 not be criminal. Intoxication alone, even when driving 醉, is not 通过 itself legally reckless for the purpose of 纽约州 PL 120.20. More elements or actions are necessary. Was Garelick so 酣 that he created a substantial risk of not just any injury, but a serious physical injury? I guess we will all soon find out 和 , while we are at it, whether dentists are 医生s too (oh, dare to dream…).

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