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虽然假冒人是“only” a “B”轻罪,曾任曼哈顿区检察官’s Office under Robert Morgenthau 和 one of the first prosecutors assigned to the Identity Theft Unit upon its creation, I can tell you defendants often dug themselves into deeper holes because they provided misleading or false information. In other words, if law enforcement does not proceed with the 起源al criminal charges you should be released 和 the case is over. If, however, the police try to ascertain certain information, you are advised of the consequences if you misrepresent, 和 you in fact misrepresent to prevent the police from determining your true identity, then you may have bought yourself a night in jail. Why is this significant? Not 只要 will you have to spend time incarcerated waiting to see a judge, but if you were the target of an investigation or the police are investigating new charges 和 figuring out how to proceed, you just gave them ample time to do so 和 a reason to lock you up.