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被捕& Given a Shoplifting 台面票 for 纽约 Penal Law 165.40 & 155.25 : 的侵入通知

您在曼哈顿,布鲁克林或皇后区被捕,并获得了入店行窃的柜台出票(DAT或D.A.T.),指控您违反《纽约刑法》第165.40条(对五度盗窃财产的犯罪控制)或纽约 刑法155.25 (小盗贼)。您是一名老师,律师,医师,或者您从事金融工作。对于您的职业而言,信念之外的附带后果是巨大的。更为复杂的是,当商店安全抓住您并将您带入后台时,他们欺负您签署了一份“Trespass Notice”以及财务没收或归还协议。更糟糕的是,他们只是用数码相机拍下了你的照片。很显然,您需要一名纽约刑事律师来提高自己的最佳辩护,以避免您的干净记录上有任何瑕疵,但是您需要与那位入店行窃的纽约刑事辩护律师讨论您刚刚在梅西百货的幕后签署的内容, Bloomingdales,Century 21或纽约市的任何其他百货商店。

What is the 侵入通知

Whether or not your 纽约 criminal lawyer has the ability to ultimately get the shoplifting case against you dismissed or dropped to an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD), there are certain realities you must face. One of those realities is that you likely were asked (or bullied) to sign or actually signed a 侵入通知.

Whether it is Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn or Century 21, Duane Reade or Bloomingdales, the 侵入通知 is generally the same. That is, the store is revoking your right to set foot inside for a certain period of time. In fact, most of the standard agreements dictate that your right to be present in their establishment at any location is revoked. In other words, your right to go to Macys in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Westchester has been terminated.


What Happens if I Ignore the 侵入通知 和 Return to the Store

If you return to a store where a 侵入通知 has been issued, then you may be charged with a new misdemeanor crime of Trespassing. Even worse, if the store security 和 prosecutors can establish that you had the intent to steal again, then a Trespass misdemeanor is the least of your worries as you may now be charged with Burglary in the Third Degree (New York 刑法140.20)。第三学位的入室盗窃是“D”重罪可判处最高七年徒刑。 If My 纽约 Criminal Lawyer Beats My Shoplifting Case Does the 侵入通知 Disappear 上述问题的简短答案是“no.” 的criminal case is an entirely different matter 和 has no impact on the 侵入通知 action. In fact, although it will not be discussed in this entry, the civil action against you in the amount of hundreds of dollars 通过 the store can proceed as well (please follow the link for information on civil actions 通过 department stores through the use of 纽约一般义务法第11-105条)

While I do not dispense out advice over the internet 和 you should consult with a 纽约 shoplifting criminal lawyer should you be charged with either 纽约 Penal section 155.25 or 纽约 Penal Law section 165.40, one thing is certain in the realm of 侵入通知s. Take them seriously. Very seriously. 的last thing a young college graduate, school teacher or even a stay at home mother needs to be facing is a felony charge.

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